Can anyone learn meditation?

Yes, Acem Meditation is easy to learn. It is a technique for people of all ages and backgrounds.

There is no course on offer where I live. Can I learn to meditate on the Internet?

Only personal instruction and systematic guidance ensure that you learn the technique properly. You can’t learn Acem Meditation from the Internet, a CD, or a book, but need to attend a course.

Does it take long to learn?

A beginner’s course is usually over two days or two evenings. The number of hours varies from 7-12 altogether. See Beginner’s Courses for more details.

How often and for how long should I meditate?

For full effect, we advise you to meditate 30 min twice a day or 45 min once a day, but even sporadic meditation gives good relaxation. If you are pressed for time, it is better to meditate for 10 min than not at all.

Do I have to sit cross-legged?

No. When you meditate you sit comfortably in a chair. The sitting position shouldn’t take too much attention. To an outside observer you appear to be simply resting.

How do I know that this technique is non-religious?

Acem Meditation is taught and understood according to modern western psychology. Results come from practice, not from belief. The meditation sounds are neutral and have no meaning, unlike Eastern mantras.

How long will it take until I feel benefits?

Most people feel relaxation from the very first time they meditate. Many report increased energy, more calm and better sleep the first weeks.

How can Acem Meditation help me perform better in my studies?

It becomes easier to focus. Meditation helps you let go of distracting thoughts.

What are the most common effects of Acem Meditation?

Bodily and mental relaxation, increased stress-tolerance, better sleep and improved concentration. Regular meditation over time helps you break vicious circles and understand yourself better.

Can I listen to music whilst meditating?

No, like other external stimuli, music will disturb the meditation process. In Acem Meditation, you don’t try to achieve a certain mood or state of mind.

Do I need additional courses after having learnt Acem Meditation?

You can meditate on your own after a beginner´s course. Acem also offers a variety of follow-up activities for those who are interested in further enhancing their meditation practice. Some find that meeting with fellow meditators help them keep up the habit.

What does scientific research say about meditation?

Research confirms that Acem Meditation provides thorough relaxation, reduces the level of stress hormones, improves the immune system and lowers the blood pressure. Oxygen uptake and heart rate are reduced, alpha and theta waves increase. See Fighting Stress for more details.

How does Acem Meditation differ from other forms of meditation?

While many meditation techniques involve concentration, Acem Meditation is performed without effort and allows thoughts to come and go. This facilitates deeper psychological processes of change.

Where is Acem located?

In India courses are currently run in DelhiMaduraiTiruchirappalliChennai.

How much does it cost to learn?

The course fee is Rs 500, full-time students Rs 150. When courses are held in collaboration with adult colleges, prices may vary.