Coping with a modern life style

The pace and challenges of modern life may be rewarding. We get a sense of achievement when using our abilities. But we also pay a price for the hectic pace of modern life. Cramming everything into the week – work, hobbies, exams, studies, kids, relationships, commitments. There just doesn’t seem to be time for them all – at least not for doing them the way we would really have wanted to.

Sometimes you may feel you are on autopilot; something outside has taken control. Hard to concentrate at times. All you can think of is the tension. Always tired. But also an underlying restlessness. Something is missing.

Yet you have your obligations. Bills have to be paid. Work has to be done. Commitments have to be dealt with. You can’t just jump off the train. In all the hustle and bustle we may also feel there is an underlying greyness to everyday life.

Listening to your body

So perhaps it’s your body that starts to talk back: Headaches. Lack of energy. Everything becomes an effort. The new vitamin pills don’t seem to do the trick. Too much coffee in the morning. Hard to unwind when you get back home – a drink or two in the evenings don’t quite work in the right way either. Perhaps there is a message in all this – telling us that we should change direction in our lives.

Yet changing is not necessarily a simple matter. Maybe we don’t even know where to begin. It is in situations like this that Acem Meditation has been found to be a beneficial technique to practice.

Acem Meditation helps you relax, unravel the knots you may be tied in and increase your energy. The daily meditations create a kind of free zone. Twice a day.