Break vicious circles

Acem Meditation helps you to work through stress and tensions, and develop new perspectives and existential insights, by working through the experiences from the days, weeks and years. Thousands of people experience that Acem Meditation is an effective way to break vicious circles and combat stress; it is a process in which you re-energise and renew yourself. For many the regular practice of Acem Meditation also becomes an important source of self-insight and personal growth.


Acem Meditation is a type of mental activity which can only be learned through practice. It is not something you can acquire through reading. A course in Acem Meditation teaches you how to practice the technique on your own, and how to fit the method into your daily life. After the course, there are many opportunities to follow up and deepen your experience with the method, if you wish to do so.Some practice Acem Meditation regularly, one half hour every morning and evening. Others use the method during periods when they feel the need.

Acem Meditation originates in Scandinavia. For many Scandinavians, recreation means regularly seeking the silence of nature, usually every weekend, renewing oneself to meet the challenges of everyday life. For Scandinavians, Acem Meditation fits. It’s like taking a contemplative walk in the woods twice every day, inside you. No wonder over 60,000 people, mostly in Scandinavia, have learned the method.