fightingstresscoverFighting Stress
Reviews of Meditation Research

edited by Svend Davanger, Halvor Eifring & Anne Grete Hersoug

The most up-to-date survey of meditation research available, written by scholars and health-care professionals with an Acem background.

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innerstrengthInner Strength
Free Mental Attitude in Acem Meditation

(2nd edition) by Are Holen

This book explains how to cultivate and maintain a free mental attitude while meditating and suggests the kinds of change that this attitude can bring about.

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companionAcem Meditation
An Introductory Companion

by Are Holen & Halvor Eifring

A basic introduction to Acem Meditation, a comprehensive description of its practice and principles. Practitioners of Acem Meditation will welcome this new book.

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guideretreatsPractical guide to Acem retreats
by Are Holen & Torbjørn Hobbel

This book contains useful information for the practice of long meditations at Acem retreats. Long meditations yield insights into meditative processes and enhance the quality of everyday meditations.

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