companionby Are Holen and Halvor Eifring

For the first time, the most fundamental concepts and principles of Acem’s theory of meditation have been presented in book format. Written in English, the book is intended as a companion to the introductory course, but will be of use to anybody with an interest in Acem Meditation.

While it is not possible to learn Acem Meditation solely by reading a book, written material can be very helpful. This companion offers practical suggestions for daily meditation that will help maximise the benefits of the technique. The authors outline some of the concepts underlying Acem’s psychology of meditation, including actualisation and personality development, metathoughts and self-images. They also identify similarities and differences between Acem Meditation and other meditation practices.

Since its inception in Norway more than 40 years ago, Acem has grown into an international organisation, teaching meditation in a large number of countries on all continents. Its psychological approach, and its emphasis on dialogue and guidance as keys to improvement, make it stand out among meditation groups. This book encapsulates the down-to-earth way in which the Acem method is presented.

You may order the book from Acem India.



  • Getting started
  • Notions and recommendations
  • Practical advice
  • Long meditations – a brief introduction
  • Getting into process
  • Personality development
  • Acem Meditation and the unconscious
  • Metathoughts – reflections of self-images
  • Acem Meditation and other meditation practices
  • “It takes two to see one” – Acem Meditation guidance
  • Road map to growth