Sunday 9 to Sunday 16 October 2011, Vanprastha Ashram, Rishikesh.
Lecturer: Dr. Are Holen, the founder of Acem

From an Acem international retreat in Rishikesh

One week of long meditations and meditative processes at the Banks of Ganga in the Foothills of the Himalayas.

Long Meditations
In a retreat we leave our daily routine and go away for some days to do long meditations. Experience has shown that an important threshold is crossed when one meditates for a three-hour period. During the long silences with Acem Meditation you will initiate processes most advantageous to relaxation and stress reduction effect, personal development, and health. The in-depth psychological long-term effects are considerable.
(You may read the book Practical guide to Acem retreats to find ut more about long meditations.)

An Acem Meditation retreat is for everybody

Guidance groups
Acem has developed a unique system of guidance, which is a very important part of the Acem method of introspection. It gives reinforcement and motivation to the meditator. In a retreat guidance is a must and it increases the effect of meditation also when you return home.

All participants will be divided into small groups, which meet every day for 1 1/2 hour. Guidance groups are led by experienced instructors from Acem International and Acem India and supervised by Dr. Holen.

Interactive sessions with Are Holen MD PhD
Dr. Are Holen is an inspiring lecturer and meditation guide. His evening talks will explore the psychology of meditation, not as an abstract topic, but as a deeply personal and existential subject. Basing his talks on questions from participants, he will often be able to turn apparently technical queries into stimulating discussions of the human condition.

Acem yoga

Acem Yoga
For nearly 40 years Acem has run the very popular Acem School of Yoga in Norway. This gentle system of yoga has a classical approach to yoga-asanas, and makes the body more fit for the physical aspect of the meditative deepening.

Typical day programme in the retreat

  • Long meditation for 4 hours alone in our own rooms in the morning
  • Guidance groups for 1 hour 30 minutes every day
  • Evening group meditation for 45 minutes
  • Evening talks on the psychology and practice of Acem Meditation
  • Acem yoga, social interaction, cultural programmes and sightseeing