Acem meditation has helped me deal with certain fundamental challenges in my life by altering the way I look at problems. The Acem way of counseling and the focus on developing a free mental attitude resonate with me. Through meditation, I’ve come closer to understanding the deeper currents of my sub-conscious and their influence on my life. And I’ve managed to free myself in some of these aspects through meditation.

I believe that what make this organization special, apart from its non-religious, no-frills approach, are the teachers. I admire and respect the meditation instructors from Norway for the professional yet deeply caring manner of guiding us through our mental landscape, helping us see things as they are, and in the process creating new possibilities.

– Nivedita Prabhu, Marketing Professional


Acem meditation is a simple process. And in its simplicity lies the power it gives you to address the most complex and deepest problems of life. Free from any religious effects and rituals, it is a meditation technique for today’s age and times.
Acem put me on a life-long journey. A journey of self-discovery. It has helped me gain some understanding of my thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs, producing profound changes in my outlook towards life.
I was skeptical in the beginning. I wondered how simple repetition of the sound can have any effect, forget about personality changes and deeper meaning. 
As I delved more into the practice and aided by Dr. Are Holen’s teachings and patient explanations over the years, I slowly realized that it is not about the sound, nor about its repetition. That is only a vehicle to keep you anchored so that you are not completely lost in your thoughts. Its your attitude towards the onslaught of mental formations in meditation that matters. Acem shows a clear way how to deal withthe deeper recesses of your mind. The concept of Free Mental Attitude captures the essence of the process.
I feel meditation is like tending the garden of your mind. I have found Acem to be the perfect guide book on how to do that gardening.I truly feel lucky that I came in contact with Acem.
– Sushil, Architect


I learnt Acem meditation thirteen year ago, in the initiation session by Mr. Torbjorn Hobbel introducing me to the concept of Free Mental Attitude. My next step was to start practicing on regular basis. After some time meditation have been part of my life. The effect of meditation on the personality, body and health are quite prominent, provided it is practiced without effort or concentration. In the beginning, the relaxing effect of meditation is primary effect.  I am now expressing more of what I feel  in my daily life.  I think it is better for me to think less and give more room for spontaneous activity. It also reduces the level of stress in tense and demanding situations, reducing fatigue and may help us get out of depression and bad mood. I can say meditation open the mind towards higher levels of fulfillment in work and relationship.
– C L Gupta


What drew me to Acem was that it has a universal and scientific attitude to meditation. It is universal because Acem does not have any beliefs or religion associated with it and scientific because it provides a logical explanation for its effects. I was drawn to this universal quality attitude because I have always believed that the issues that we face are universal to all human beings. For instance, why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Since this desire for self-understanding is universal, I always felt that a universal approach can tackle these issues. Since religions and other belief systems tend to have a closed focus, one may never find an answer to these questions there.

Since I started to meditate three years ago, I find that it helps me get much better sleep and makes me closer to my sensitivity for myself, my family and other people. Acem Meditation is a tool for relaxation and better concentration but perhaps the most important effect of it is what we may call personal growth or self-actualization. Practicing Acem Meditation brings raw unconscious materials to the conscious levels of the mind, which is the most important stimulant for personal growth.
– Karan Sewani, Entrepreneur/Software Professional


I began my meditation in August 2009 and I’ve no idea about meditation

before that. I never knew what it is all about. I really felt good.
The beginner’s course from Mr Jayaraj was really a new experience in
my life. And later on when I met Mr Torbjorn Hobbel it only strengthen
my belief into this practice. Not only I continued the regular/daily
practice of it, I also started reading/surfing about the subject of
meditation, different techniques and different practices people do. It
has open a new world of knowledge which I was completely unaware of
before.And when I attended the first retreat at Rishikesh in 2009, I
understood the true meaning of Acem Meditation. Under the guidance of
Dr Are Holen I’ve been educated into the psychology of meditation &
how it works. I realised the people although from very far away from
my country but they practice the same satvik habbits what we’ve been
following from generations. I felt attached to a new family/group with
wonderful & like minded people. The daily practice began to show
results in my daily life.The Acem Meditation Daily Practice helped me in many ways. Now I’m
much more aware of what I’m doing. Some of the benefits — instant
energy, relaxation, awareness, personality development, decision
making and living a meaningful life. I think everyone must do half an
hour meditation daily. Its really worth doing. And to me I feel like
the meditation sound I got is my true companion for rest of my life.
– Pradeep, Advertising Professional

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